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The Lasting Beauty of Hand Painted Tiles.

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Custom hand painted panel to customers details

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Elizabeth has the customer in mind when she begins designing her hand painted tiles. She gathers the information she needs to create a work of art (ie. Wallpaper, colors, fabric, etc.). The beauty of tiles, together with your ideas and interests make the tiles a one of a kind addition to any room. Each tile is fired three to five separate times, applying glazes between each firing, to achieve the depth of color typical of Elizabeth's work.

Here are a few simple guidelines to start you on your way:

#1 Choose the blank tile that best suits you. We can help you with that if you come to our store or your local tile company if you are too far away. Because Elizabeth paints on the commercial tile the background color and size of each tile will always match.

#2 Next, call us! We will discuss the amount of tiles needed to be painted, price, and getting the tiles needed to be painted.

#3 Next comes the fun part, painting and firing! We will call you when they're finished and arrange shipping if required ( usually 3 to 6 weeks depending on the workload).

Please note that all orders are required to be paid in full before painting can start, Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. Elizabeth also has a range of unique tile gifts (trays, house numbers, knobs, trivet's, etc.).

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